Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day one or something like that

So where do we start. Guess I am kind of late to the game of starting a blog...maybe fashionably late. Who blogs anymore? This has been replaced by Twitter via Facebook via MySpace....etc. ANYWAY, I envision this a way to vent...rant....let completely bored people know what I am doing and maybe push some good food and wine along the way. Right now I am sitting in the sun and patiently waiting to try out my new Spiegelau wine glasses that came in the mail just a bit ago. I am done with my stemless phase and looking to move back to stemmed glasses, but would like to try a different route than Riedel this time. Spiegelau seem to be highly rated and I thought a direct competitor to Riedel until it came to my attention that Riedel actually bought Spiegelau a few years back. I have tried many lines of Riedel and have never been disappointed except by the price! We will see how the new glasses go this evening. Not sure what I will try in them...possibly the bit of Spanish Quarter (a Cab/Tempranillo blend) that I have left or possibly the 2007 Rosenblum Zinfandel I opened the other night. Time will tell. Cheers.

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