Monday, April 19, 2010

Back for now

Been over a week and I really must get a bit more disciplined in writing or this will just slowly die away. Made it back from Albany last Friday and heading down to Louisiana on Thursday. Looking forward to some crawfish and beer. Not expecting any mind blowing wines down south, but you never know.

Got lots of wines to talk about so let's jump right in. Finally broke down and tried the Pinot Grigio from Yellowtail (2009). I am completely baffled as to what people see in this winery. I have tried various grapes and various vintages and have yet to find one I would call a "good value" or "true to the grape" as I read from time to time. This time around was no different. This wine had some good fruit on the nose with a little pear. However, I found the wine very acidic and a bit chewy. VERY far from what I would consider a Pinot. I would say it is a bit over priced at $7 a bottle.

A good stand by for company on any evening is the 2008 Bodega Septima Malbec. This is a big wine out of Argentina at only $9 a bottle. It possesses a deep red color and a bit of alcohol on the nose which results a hint of alcohol on the palate. The big fruit on the nose comes through with black cherries, raspberries, and plum on the palate. This wine shows some soft tannins and a long finish. I believe this wine could do well with a bit of time in the cellar. An exceptional buy.

The 2008 Dacu 100% Tempranillo out of Spain should be given very little thought and time here. This wine smelled of a truck driver finishing up a cross country trip with no shower in sight. Little caramel and lot of burn on the palate. Very little fruit and very little interest on my part.

Finally got around to trying the 2008 Los Vacos Cabernet from Chile. This wine was an offering from the Vineyard owned by Baron De Rothchild (Lafite). From the initial pour it showed bright red in color and light fruit on the nose as well as a hint of dirt. Big tannins all over this wine but with a lot of balance. The initial alcohol burn dissipated after the wine was allowed to breathe for a bit. Overall not a bad buy at $10.

As usual, might as well save the best for last. The 2006 Rosenblum Cellars Lodi Syrah Abba Vineyard is by far one of the best wines I have had in quite some time. I am not a huge fan of other Rosenblum offerings. This wine is deep red in color with nice fresh fruit on the nose. HUGE tannins, very complex, and well balanced. Lots of black cherry and spices on the palate. Long can still get those tannins and fruits well after your sip is gone from your mouth. This is a big wine and probably not for everyone. Buy and enjoy!

The sun is shining even though it a bit chilly today. Throwing some cheese stuffed burgers on the grill this evening that may just go well with a nice Zin from California. Looking to be a beautiful week...the summer is drawing near!!! Until next time......

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